Live broadcasting chess games
  • This design is replacement for DGT tfd.swf flash file
  • This is only web client for online chess broadcasting from LiveChess or Toma
  • Tested on IE 8 and all above, Chrome, Firefox, Opera
  • It's required to have PGN publishing set to ON in preferences
Overview of the download and installation:
  1. Download zip file: Zip file
  2. Unzip all files from zip file
  3. Copy unziped files to ftp directory where LiveChess will update chess online games with tfd.swf
  4. Set file attributes to write on users.txt, onlineusers.txt, room1.txt, all_users.txt (e.g. set rights 777)
  5. Add yours comments, images, banners into broadcast_info.htm
Current version: Example: Todo:
  • Open game on full screen
  • Show all (max 8) games in mosaic
  • Analyse engine is working only on Opera and Chrome. It sould work also in Firefox
  • Grouping chat's from multiple broadcasting (e.g. from all league streams together)
  • bury.rastislav(at)
pgn4web - javascript chess games viewer for live broadcasts, Code license GNU GPL v2 powered by jogo's Live broadcasting chess games