Live broadcasting chess games
  • This design is replacement for DGT tfd.swf flash file
  • This is only web client for online chess broadcasting from LiveChess or Toma
  • Tested on IE 8 and all above, Chrome, Firefox, Opera
  • It's required to have PGN publishing set to ON in preferences
Overview of the download and installation:
  1. Download zip file: Zip file
  2. Unzip all files from zip file
  3. Copy unziped files to ftp directory where LiveChess will update chess online games with tfd.swf
Current version: Example: Todo:
  • Open game on full screen
  • Show all (max 8) games in mosaic
  • bury.rastislav(at)
pgn4web - javascript chess games viewer for live broadcasts, Code license GNU GPL v2 powered by jogo's Live broadcasting chess games